I was at GoogleNext London in Nov. 2019.
And frankly I only wonder where they were all those years in Switzerland?

I met with many companies lately around Cloud Computing and it is interesting to witness that the path to cloud is a struggle for any company.

First there is Trust. Who can we trust… because it is clear that moving the most important data somewhere else than at home makes everyone feels bad. But putting all the financial assets into third party structure called banks or insurances is completely accepted nowadays.
Navigating the data categorization (confidentiality, value), the compliance (GDPR, Cloud Act, National laws), the cost, the complexity of a multi-cloud environment, etc.

And when you ask why did you chose AWS, Azure, Google? The answer is quite systematically: a) we had to go fast b) the local contact was present and performant.
No particular or specific assessment. And this is perhaps because they are all quite near to each other.
In a presentation, I learned that:
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