IT Diversity & Digital Transformation!

You need to be agile!
You need to scale up!
You need to DevOps!
You need to industrialize!
You need to ensure business continuity!
You need to be agile!

A delight for any ICT department.

The range of will, need, wish, observation is huge and, at times, conflicting! You bet that for ICT it can be overwhelming.
And for the all inclusive subverts, the funny thing is, we do all of it! And sometimes at the same time…

I have seen concomitant projects ran in agile or standard methodology. Ability to do so is linked -and only- to the PM capabilities and its team. A team, in itself needs all required roles to have the right versatility to get things done.
You can industrialize a lot of actions, but it has to accommodate the fact that it is each time a different “car” coming out of the supply chain! Yes, engineering teams are making a different “car” at each round, that is their job, duties and -hopefully- fun.
And that different “car” is deployed through the same delivery line! Can this really work? It does, sometimes it is rock’n’roll, but it does work. It is hard, but it works. Level one and two support are usually more industrialized. Level three and projects teams needs a very consistent method, the method must be industrialized.

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