Autonomous Technology and Digital Geneva Convention

Quite a nightmare in this below seven minutes video. How do you manage this type of scenario?

CNN, in an article here is depicting the origin of the video which is a will to build global support to ban autonomous weapons. Elon Musk is also trying to lead a group of expert to have the UN leading the way on this very scary possible development.

Who forgot Terminator? Nobody. The materialization of some very small drones -an army of killers- as in the video is pretty impressive. The massive scale and the speed at which this happens is completely overwhelming at human level.

Not far from this aspect, you may have seen Brad Smith advocating for The Geneva Digital Convention. What is Microsoft doing around this subject? Of course giving itself a great opportunity to exert its influence for the good of society. Really. This to regulate Cyber in time of peace.

Geneva Digital Convention

“We suddenly find ourselves living in a world where nothing seems off limits to nation-state attacks. Conflicts between nations are no longer confined to the ground, sea and air, as cyberspace has become a potential new and global battleground. There are increasing risks of governments attempting to exploit or even weaponize software to achieve national security objectives, and governmental investments in cyber offense are continuing to grow.”

In a time where states are unable to find solutions for global issues whether conflicts or Climates, etc. There is a need for any organization to bring to the table any great suggestion to solve them. And here Microsoft has the beginning of a big one. But, even if is Microsoft, it will not be able to do it alone.

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