The biggest challenge an organisation will face is: It’s own success!

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Sometimes I go back to listen to Simon Sinek. Remarkable.

Here he analyses the split. Meaning the moment when old timers say “It is not like it used to be” or “When the company is focusing more on what the competition is doing and worrying less on what they are doing” or “When they start to ask outsiders: Who should we be?“.

It is what happened at Apple, Starbucks, etc… and now to USA.

In the 1980, we started to see something that we had never seen before: companies using people to balance the books”…”People to make numbers work“…

“I actually saw a Bank advertising that you could talk to a person” and when “I reached the highest status on my miles program with my airlines, they offered me a phone that I could talk to a person”.
Since when a person is a luxury?

Did I tease you well enough? Watch!:


“Business is conversation”

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