Customer at the center?

It is funny how everything can unfold together.
Cornercard, based in Ticino, probably one of the best Swiss Creditcard Company.

The CEO explains what is at the center of his company. The customer you may believe? Not only. See:

He is aware that having happy employees is absolutely KEY for them, in turn, to take great care of the customers.
And there is a sense of “WHY“: Cornercard is not only a peace of plastic, they want to be present for the customers when there is a need to pay. I like this simplicity:

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

…while it is not the only factor, the need for a good product cannot be overlooked, it is key, right?
Guess what? The employee will take care of the customers and the employees will innovate for great products! The employee first then? It seems so as furthermore: the employee is your first customer!

Simplicity wins.

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