How to give a useful feedback?

Have you ever received a feedback such as you simply don’t understand what to do with it? Never…? Me neither!

See some samples:

– You need to delegate more!
– I’d like you to be more committed
– You are not strategic enough
– I heard that it was said that you…
– … you list them!

This evaluates, interprets, judges … but does not describe the actual behavior to improve!!!

Cc Smashing magazine

Cc Smashing magazine

Common mistakes about feedback. When it…

…Judges individuals, not actions
…Is too vague
…Speaks for others
…Is a “good-bad-good sandwich”
…Exaggerates with generalities
…Psychoanalyzes motives behind behavior
…Goes on for too long
…Uses inappropriate humor
…Is a question not a statement Based

But prefer…

…to be specific when recalling the situation
…to be specific when describing the behavior
…to acknowledge the impact of the behavior on YOU
…paying attention to the body language
…using verbatim quotes
…giving feedback in a timely manner
…focusing on “I felt” or “I was”
…focusing on a single message

And most of all, it does not harm to be sensitive to the emotional impact of your feedback. After all, we are human 🙂

(with the help Hanneke C. Frese)

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