“If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business!”

Simon Sinek is pretty much on vogue. No wonder why.
It feels great, yes it feels great to hear this. This will to humanize what we have been taking years to robotize.


This talk is about you, your company and society at large. But not every society, not every company, not everyone…

In a world that is more and more complicated to a point where it is actually becoming complex, we need to have a sort of higher I or a WE that is not just a sum of every I… To achieve that, we should get back to basics: try to do something or collaborate (-but really-) with your colleagues, help your friend or relatives.

No “Me, me, me, me…” any longer but an “US” first!
Does that sound so weird? I don’t believe so, it is the direction, otherwise, we will start to simplify our world, and history showed us that it is a dramatic wrong path to avoid undertaking!

NB: I love the minutes about the plane and the seat mate… so REAL 🙂

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