Immunity To Change Map (Change Management)

Immunity to Change Map (ITC)! Quid?
A simple and strong tool that we practiced during the MBA with the executive coach (Hanneke Frase).

First, it is a tool that can be used both at a personal and company level. They can reach quite a level of complexity, but they -at least- are able to capture that complexity and hopefully help to solve a change that is meant to be complicated.

Very few simple questions:

a) My Improvement Goal — The company’s Improvement goal
b) Things I do (or fail to do) that work against my improvement goal — Things the company does (or fails to do) that work against the improvement goal
c) My competing commitments — The company’s competing commitments
d) My Big assumptions — The company’s Big assumptions

I believe that it is pretty ambitious to work that way as different dimensions are part of the process like: time, willingness, beliefs and behaviours are some of the spaces that are directly linked to any ITC Map.

On a wider note, and despite the fact that it is yet striving for an individual, the complexity can increase a lot at an organisation level! The very good point although: the model remains the same whether for an individual or a company.
It certainly means that everyone having a stake and the ability to influence the corporation will have to agree on the map first and to be committed to take on the topic through different platforms and sponsor the program actively.

I do believe that the ITC Map for companies can help:
– to know the topic better,
– to map the mechanism preventing the change,
– to manage any fears or anxiety
– to get to organise a new near future reality through some fresh commitments

(see a basic sample ITC map here on wikipedia)

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