Leadership – The Values First!

It seems that all comes down to “Why”, “How”, “What”?

From the center of the inner circle to the outer circle.
– “I do this because I believe…” (This is the why…)
– “I am doing this is a very sensible and rationale way…” (This is the how…)
– “We will have the most adapted channel to update the wording…” (This is the what…)

“People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it!”

It is quite interesting to watch that again (4 years after the recording), Simon Sinek speaks mostly about Apple. Is Apple loosing the why today? As a matter of fact, slowly, the Apple press is changing to a none blind sort of approach, which is pretty refreshing.

Otherwise, I do not buy the link Mr. Sinek makes with the brain. At least he would not agree with Mr. Ouiller that defends the fact that the brain has no such defined areas of functionality…

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