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I was writing about Leadership here (Click). While I still agree about the word cloud (Scottish humor included!), a much simpler definition came through Simon Sinek: “A leader has followers {periode}”. And that is simply true, all the rest is management!

Great leader can be really bad at management! And the way round of course is also true, these are simply different things.

So what about trust then? Alignment between the “I say I do” and the “I do” is key to build it. And trust cannot be formed overnight. Don’t you feel skeptic when a new boss or an acquaintance tells you in a sort of prematured way: “Trust me”.
Weird feeling.

Yet, trust can be destroyed overnight. At personal or organisation level. That is the price to pay {periode}. Trust is a feeling as is loyalty. Feelings must be earned… over the course of time, little by little.
How do you support that trust? Perhaps on hiring someone whose Cultural fit towards the organisation is ok rather than a sort of trader mentality taking hold. This will only destroy the circle of safety around the company that must help the workers to naturally achieve the company’s goal together. Maintaining the circle is the management’s job.
Changing the culture of a company can only mean changing its people, unless people are in only for money or because they have no other choice, if it is the case, you have already lost.

It always strives me how common sense those points linked to management and leadership are, and yet, those can be terribly difficult to unfold timely and wisely. You never have only one dimension as in the above videos. Life is more complex. People are observing the leader on each single dimension and from this observation, form a complete opinion.

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