Rules and IT Leadership

I sometimes fall into reading CIO magazine or Cnet stuff and mostly about IT geek oriented articles and sometimes about IT Leadership too.

And I liked the one I read lately about New and Old rules… It was something like:

Old: IT locks down any end-user device (of course with a very intrusive MDM)
New: IT tries to keep the user happy!


Old: A new service is released when ready
New: A new service is delivered with a Minimum Viable value, then iterated until it gets right for the user

Old: Protect the perimeter
New: Trust no one!

Old: Limit partners
New: Consume where need be and multiply the partners

Old: Software vendor lock-in must be avoided
New: Cloud vendor lock-in must be avoided

Old: IT is a cost
New: IT is a cost 🙂 (and not an invest)

Old: Do not miss that ONE tech opportunity that will deliver value to the organization
New: Do not miss those concurrent Tech opportunities (AI, Blockchain, IoT, etc.) that will deliver value to the organization

Old: Keep the light on
New: Keep the data flowing

My preferred one:
Old: IT makes the rules and (tries to) enforce them
New: Users make the rules and IT (tries to) keep them safe

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