Self-Leadership Lab

I like coaching with the help of the university of Geneva (HEC) and towards 1st year students of the MBA. Great stuff, tremendous people to meet. We do follow this method Self-Leadership Lab (Click).
It is a journey, a trip, a hike.
It is looking at who you are, looking at how people see you. It is trying to understand any possible gap between your own-self perception and the one people have around you. Tools bring factual information to each participant, group discussion shows a mirror to every individual. A 360°, a behavioral report, a career anchors talk, a life cycle analysis… ouch… In brief: a real personal investigation to know why… why you are who you are.

Watch, this is very much in line with this post:

The question is always, how much do you want to hike? How objectively-deep do you want to dive? Knowing why you are who you are and how you behave is the only way to build a coherent personal future…

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