Social media by Chamath Palihapitiya

-Still quite- Recently graduated, I like to hear keynotes of executives at such event. Or when they are at universities.
It feels like they clear their filters, are more forthcoming. (Who forgot Mr Jobs at the same University?).

Chamath (let me avoid spelling the family name…more than in the title) seems to fall into this category.

At Standford, he is interviewed on a range of matters and of course while he advises MBA students on some of his experience, on what to not forget in the course of their life, he mostly expresses what drives him in today’s world’s business. His points are basically narrowing down to: “Get the money or the capital and influence the world”.
But what stroke me are those words around Social Networks services:

Social medias are “destroying how society works” and “You are being programmed”.
The complete video is here.

He is not the first one talking about the risks of social media. Simon Sinek has a point of view which is clearly along the same line.
And we cannot count the numbers of articles, bad or good about this matter.

Mr Palihapitiya then, sort of, smoothen his words. But his appearance and the emotions he brings into his words at Standford around social media are feeling quite sincere. But let’s heae him in the first minute of this video to understand better what he wanted to say:

The point is how do we really engage with online communities? It is a bit like everything, too much is bad. Too much sugar is bad, social media only is bad. Social media cannot take a central place, cannot be the center of relationship. This is simply not how humans are wired. It can bring some density in the exchange, it can sustain a relation, it can turn on some particular brain parts, but it rarely is a long term solution for exchanging or only in a very narrow/superficial matter or role.

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