The art of convincing!

Watching the below video, I recall a sequence we had in a course where we had to use the right arguments, having the right behavior to maximize our capability to pass the message across. This while being filmed and with a face to face debriefing.

Let’s see what happens in this hard talk:

Things went wrong… why? Some ideas:

  • Remember who you need to convince. Here, the Minister seems to want to convince the interviewer. While the interviewer sort of represent some of the audience.
  • In any conflict or debate, the audience will probably support the one(s) that look as near as them.
  • Do not loose it! Manage your nerves. You can’t look strong if you loose control and leave. You remember? “If you loose it, it is because you don’t have the right or enough arguments!”
  • Better to convince rather than to attack. (Obvious, but it is important, once more, to remember who has to be convinced)
  • Do you look cool or antipathetic? Convincing someone while being perceived as antipathetic is more complicated and difficult. In the here above interview, he leaves the interview, is rude and attack the interviewer.
  • Can you make the other look undocumented or short in the understanding of the case? Here there are some attempts, but it feels like the journalist is at the right level.
  • Can you underline any discrepancy from the opponent’s argument?

And please repeat again and again and again … the bottom line!

Those are probably the basics, what is required too is to work!
To know the subject, to be as prepared as possible before the interview (especially for such TV shows!).

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