What is the purpose of AI?

I saw Rand Indi at Swisscom Dialogue day in the Swiss Tech Conference Center at EPFL.

In his talk, he depicts his deep understanding of AI. I found a similar talk in English here:

He brings nice insights around the human/machine debate.
The ingenious idea of the talk is the following: “AI will help to make technology ubiquitous. AI will turn technology as a complete commodity. One will not even realize that technology is around, the User Interface will be flawless as there will be none”.
Then he makes a distinction between narrow and wide AI. Basically, the machine overtook the human in the game GO or Chess, but that AI is only able to be excellent at THAT particular game or activity. There is a long way for the AI to cover all human capabilities (wide or general AI).

The other central point for me was:

AI is unable to solve logical paradox like this one: an autonomous car trapped as it can’t cross such lines.

Logical paradox. The autonomous car cannot escape the circle.

Logical paradox. The autonomous car cannot escape the circle.

Human can easily manage such contradiction: He would simply laugh… and cross!
Finally, emotion and machine are far from being friend and Rand Hindi underlines the fact that it won’t be possible to have emotional artificial intelligence.

So much for the human/machine debate drama…!!!

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