How do I organize my company? Daniel Freitag on agility!

1993 is the first Freitag bag.
Freitag (art-museum-bags)
A story of 2 men, making their first bags. How did it grow? What challenges did the company had to face? A modest SME of 150 employees with a world wide brand recognition, not that common!

Daniel talks about agility or how the Freitag company implemented it in a REAL manner at each level and layers of their processes. He prefers the German translation of agility which is: “Resultat Optimierungs Modells”. SCRUM seems to have had its say, even for what looks like a very mechanistic type of company.

And the will that is showed to not only decree that “we are agile”… but actually operate it, implement it. To translate it into a sort of common ADN. The point that even their white board are agile and portable… like the post-it is, perhaps amusing, but also demonstrate quite a determination.

Since 20 years, Freitag sells bag… almost the same ones. How do you keep being agile? A mind-set.

Finally, I love the “beyond budgeting” issue and his sentence: “You spend one month to put everything on paper, and after a week, you start mixing the budget lines”. How do you re-conciliate the need for the budget snapshot to remain the same and the real dynamic of the company or project daily life?”. Have a look: Beyond Budgeting.
A budget cannot stay still, like everything else!

“Don’t plan… Speculate! You won’t be as disappointed!” & “Don’t tell me things, show me things” are some take aways that are full of sense.

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