Infrastructure as Code

I was reading Michael Dell. The funder of Dell Technologies and the man who basically has many famous quote like:
Mr Dell's Famous quote...

In a Deloitte Tech trend 2018, he has an opinion article, read my notes:

As you know the digital transformation is not only about IT, while it is both the dramatic enabler and driver of this change, the following questions remain: How do you fundamentally reimagine or reinvent your business? How do you embed sensors or connect things? How do you add intelligence to your business and how do you take best advantage of data?
Infrastructure as code is basically linked to the famous Marc Andreesen essay in the Wall Street Journal Why Software is Eating the World?.
Automating the management, optimizing, updating infrastructure with software is today’s reality. A crystal clear example: any documentation can be replaced by code or script. Each element of infrastructure being automatically deployed is documented through code. And the code deploys the infrastructure. Infrastructure is software defined, network is software defined, and that is the best that can happen for agility purpose.

It is also about having money to change things and not only to run them! Everything is put in place and reorganized for speed, scale and of course: results.

As a matter of fact, today a Business cannot reinvent itself without the right underpinning technology. But to be able to do that, you need the right drive, you need to think process and tool, you need to think service and tool, you need to think user experience with the tool. If digitization has brought something new, it must be that: embed code and technology in any business initiative and not as a down the road “has to”…

See the below figure and go continue coding now!

Deloitte Figure on reengineering technology scenarios

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