Vulnerability – “You are enough!”

SelfLeadership brings a lot.
And sometimes it gets too complex.
Sometimes, the number of piled up “Why” is a no sense.
Sometimes, you need to be able to only breathe and “don’t worry, be happy!”.
Sometimes, you need to accept that personal alignment is not possible, that alignment should not even be a goal!
Sometimes, it is great to stop to perfect everything! … Or as would say Brené Brown: be OK to accept to be vulnerable.

Two brilliant videos samples:
Brené Brown is fun to listen to and percusive in terms of grounding a sort of ever unfed will for excellence vs the social animal we are.

We cannot selectively numb emotions

I also like Mike Robbins. He is expressing the same matter with his own words and samples. Samples that we can all relate to!
Simply smart and bright!

The question will not be whether we get it, but rather do we practice it?

“You are enough!”

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